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MS Windows

This page is obsolete, plage visit the page: ansi_xterm.
It's here for historical reasons only.

Why ansi-xterm you may ask. Well, I started to use vim after it started to support syntax highlighting. I'm a vi person and do not like GUI editors (although I code in Motif all the time). I like lean, mean fast editor that runs on xterms. I used to use vile (it's a fine editor). But syntax highlighting helps a great deal in my coding, so I had to switch to vim. vim uses ANSI color support of various xterms for syntax highlighting. I used to use mxterm (an xterm with motif hack) which supports ANSI colors, but the color supporting code was buggy. So I switched to rxvt for that. But it's kind of slow on text selection with mouse and does not have cool scrollbar. Then I found ansi- xterm. Supports 16 colors (more than enough for my need).

ansi-xterm uses Xaw and I hate Xaw scrollbar. So I compiled and linked it with libneXtaw. neXtaw is nice but the scrollbar was inheriting the background color of the window, which was terrible in my case (I use white background and blue foreground all my life. Therefore white scrollbar was loosing 3D shadows and looked just horrible.). As I do not know much about the toolkit (I know motif well), it was difficult to modify the ansi- xterm code to specify a color for scrollbar.

So I took the scrollbar.c comes with mxterm and replaced the one comes with ansi-xterm. Also added my own hack so that scrollbar color can be set via X resources. It turned out that in my sub-conscious my mind I was always wanting a motif scrollbar on my xterm :).

Screenshot: vim editing hello.c in ansi-xterm with motif scrollbar


Please read the README file for details.
  • Source
    File: xterm_177_motif.tar.gz
    Size: 613358 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: b49c66cf9665ef9165b685bf2394a021
    Last updated: Jul-13-2003
    File: ansi-xterm-R6-motif-sb-p1.README
    Size: 2987 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: 89313e4b3157d9122bd7d3d6df5a0a4c
    Last updated: ?

  • Statically built Linux binary built on RH 5.4:
    Binary for Linux
    File: mansi_xterm_Linux2.0.36.gz
    Size: 781569 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: 4cc56acdcb8b13654adc0d2ca2f048fd
    Last updated: ?

  • Dynamically built Solaris binary:
    Binary for Solaris
    File: mansi_xterm_Sol_5.6.gz
    Size: 97827 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: a757f3224f4b16762b56c1a6d8d38009
    Last updated: ?

  • Source:
    File: ansi-xterm-R6.tgz
    Size: 252005 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: 27c3e7988134922780b97295f882f1f5
    Last updated: ?

  • Patch file:
    File: ansi-xterm-R6-motif-sb-p1.gz
    Size: 14028 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: a35ea00850621f0f21d5ef169f7f84d0
    Last updated: ?

For Windows NT/2000
Recently I ported it to Thomas E. Dickey's xterm. Thomas E. Dickey's xterm is very portable because of the use of autoconf's configure. I compiled it in cygwin with lesstif on Windows 2000. If you develop on Windows NT/2000 and hate cmd, well you can use mxterm.exe. If you want to use it in MS Windows NT/2000, download, install cygwin and XFree86. I compiled it on Linux and Solaris with Lesstif as well. I'll make the source available when get some time. If you're using this port, it has a flag -sbc for scrollbar color.

  • Download mxterm.exe for Windows NT/2000:
    File: Aug-05-2002
    Size: 521185 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: 6be4de528fc7c2d0cade3f7841682091
    Last updated: ?

Then uncompress it:

    c:\> gunzip mxterm.exe.gz
To get the scrollbar, run as:
    c:\> mxterm -sb 
    c:\> mxterm -sb -sbc gray -sl 1000

Screenshot: running in Windows 2000 natively in cygwin X (under KDE2 from a remote Linux box)

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