(mm) Digital clock in Motif
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MS Windows
mdgclock Release 1.1 by
Muhammd A Muquit (muquit@semcor.com)

    Usage: mdgclock [options...]
    Where the options include:
      [all standard X toolkit options]
      and the extra options are:
      -digitfg color_name         sets digit foreground color
      -digitbg color_name         sets the digit background color
      -alarmfg color_name         sets the alarm foreground color
      -timezone Timezone_name     displays time of that zone
      -noblink                    do not blink (default is blink)
      -seconds                    display seconds

      mdgclock -geom 90x20+0+800 &
      mdgclock -geom 90x20+0+800 -digitfg green -digitbg black -alarmfg
      yellow &
      mdgclock -timezone "GMT" &
      mdgclock -timezone "EST5EDT" &
      mdgclock -timezone "PST8PDT" &
      mdgclock -seconds &

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    File: mdgclock1.1.tar.gz
    Size: 35222 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: 0c48d5ef5a03458ef9c75425eef0c065
    Last updated: ?

    I use digit background color #d3b5b5 and foreground black. It looks exactly like a LCD clock (Thanks to wil@semcor.com).

    Some screen-shots of Motif Digital Clock.

    Here is an animated GIF of the clock. I grabbed 11 frames at 2 secs interval using import and then made an animated GIF using the convert program. import and convert are the utility programs come with ImageMagick. The clock will animate if you are using netscape 2.0+.

    There may be many spelling mistakes and typo in the docs. As far as functionality is concerned, I'm using it everyday, didn't notice any problem.

    URL of this page: http://www.muquit.com/muquit/software/mdgclock/mdgclock.html

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