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MS Windows
MasterMind game
(For Linux/Unix, MS Windows)
Muhammad A Muquit

[fltkmm Release 1.1]

Last Updated: Jun 14, 2001

Table of Contents

fltkmm (FLTK MasterMind) is a game of simple logic. MasterMind can be bought as a board game from toy stores (I don't remember who holds the trademark.. I lost my one). Here's how this game work: Computer generates a secret code by choosing four colors randomly from six colors. Then you guess four colors, computer gives score for your moves. You look at the score and try to figure out the code with minimum number of moves.

You need to download source if you you are on Linux/Unix (as well as the fltk). You can download and use the compiled binary for MS Windows.

  • Download compiled binary for MS Windows:
    Binary for MS Windows
    File: fltkmm.exe
    Size: 208896 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: 8c3399d11a47da56e39a323f1429c790
    Last updated: Jun-14-2001

  • Download source (gzip'd tar'd):
    File: fltkmm.tar.gz
    Size: 35106 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: f5cdc9de597a12cd249a89992bf0c35d
    Last updated: Jun-14-2001

In Linux Unix:
Download and install fltk first. Then download fltkmm source. At the shell prompt type:

gunzip < fltkmm.tar.gz | tar xvf -
cd fltkmm

In MS Window:
You do not need to compile anything, just download fltkmm.exe.

But if you need to compile for some reason, download and compile the fltk library first. Download the gzip'd, tar'd fltkmm source, extract the source, open a command shell and type:

cd fltkmm
nmake -f Makefile.wnt

Note: you must have MS Visual C++ installed. It can be compiled without MS Visual C++ too, but you've to do it yourself (read fltk docs on that).


Started up   Code found in 6 moves

Note: the colored balls are created using gimp on Linux.

If you like this game, please let me know. Bug reports, suggestions are always welcome.

The computer makes a secret code with four colors picked from the six colors at the top of the window (same color can repeat). Your goal is to find the secret code with minimum number of moves using simple logic. Start by guessing four colors (Pick the color from the top row by clicking on the ball). The computer will give score for your guess with black and white pegs at the right side of the window. One black peg means one color is correct and also it is in the right position. One white color means one color is correct but it is in the wrong position. Note the scoring pegs do not indicate any order of the guessed colors.

To see the rules, press right mouse button and then select Rules. To reset the game at any point, press right mouse button and then select Reset from the menu. Pressing Escape will close the game.

GNU General Public License

MasterMind is a trademark of ??

How it is written
A free cross platform toolkit (written in C++) called FLTK (Fast Light ToolKit) is used in order to make fltkmm run in Linux/Unix and Windows. You can get it from http://fltk.org/. I play with almost all freely available cross platform toolkits, I find fltk is the cleanest (and very fast) of all. And most of all, lots of fun to code with. I'm not a fan of GUI builders but FLTK has a gui builder called FLUID (Fast Light User Interface Design) which I actually can use. Please visit my fluid_hack page.


  • version 1.1 released.

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