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MS Windows
Identify color of a pixel on the screen
(For Linux/Unix)
Muhammad A Muquit
grabc is s simple but very useful program to determine the color string in hex (or in RGB components) by clicking on a pixel on the screen. While web browsing, lots of time you find a nice color and wonder what color is that! Well just use grabc!

When this program is run, the mouse pointer is grabbed and changed to a cross hair and when the mouse is clicked, the color of the clicked pixel is written to stdout in hex prefixed with #. The R, G, B component of the color are also printed to stderr. Here's a sample example,

  $ grabc
  (mouse ponter turns into a cross hair and you click on something)
The string #b2c0dd is printed on stdout and 178,192,221 is printed on stderr.

This program can be useful when you see a color and want to use the color in xterm or your window manager's border but no clue what the name of the color is. It's silly to use an image processing software to find it out.

Download source
File: grabc1.1.tar.gz
Size: 2983 bytes
MD5 Checksum: d8d308f3183c719309f35c249db4f9ed
Last updated: Mar-16-1997

To compile, at the shell prompt, type:

    gunzip < grabc1.1.tar.gz | tar xvf -
    cd grabc1.1

(Look at Makefile)

It only uses X library.

Copyright- GNU GPL

If you use this program please let me know

March 16, 1997
(a quick hack on my home linux box)

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