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mplaymidi release 1.1
A midi player for SB AWE32 soundcard for Linux
Muhammad A Muquit
Mplaymidi is a MIDI file player for SB AWE32 soundcards. You must have OSS sound driver in order to run this program. It will also work with Takashi Iwai's driver for AWE32.

It is an X/Motif interface for playmidi 2.3 by Nathan I. Laredo. SB AWE32 port of playmidi 2.3 is done by Takashi Iwai.

I don't have any plan to update this program in near future. All the MIDI related code is from Nathan I. Laredo and Takashi Iwai. I wrote the Motif interface and in the process learned a little bit about MIDI.

Please drop me a line if you like the program.

NOTE: It will not work with external MIDI. I don't have a MIDI, so I didn't update that part of the code.

You'll need OSS sound driver and at least Motif 1.1 in order to run and compile. OSS drivers uses the SB AWE32 driver from Takashi Iwai.

OSS homepage is at: http://www.4front-tech.com/
Takashi's page is at: http://bahamut.mm.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~iwai/awedrv/


Edit Mplaymidi.tmpl if needed. At the shell prompt, type:
$ xmkmf
$ make


There are lots of midi files in the midis directory. To run the program, at the shell prompt, type:
$ mplaymidi midis/*.mid
Then you can go backward or forward in the loaded files. The midi files can be opened from the File->Open MIDI files menu item as well.

Screen shots

scrennshot of channel info window (35 k)

  • Download source:
    File: mplaymidi1.1.tar.gz
    Size: 556046 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: f8315263f554f419ff8db6c843aff076
    Last updated: Jul-13-1997

  • Download statically built binary:
    Binary for Linux
    File: mplaymidi.gz
    Size: 561139 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: b0cb16f55b3cfbe2e0c863926ac41799
    Last updated: Jul-13-1997
    (I don't know if this binary still works, I've a different soune card now)

Last Updated: Jul-13-1997

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