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miv is a general purpose image processing software I wrote long long time ago and never reached in a point I can release it. Here is the history of miv (for my own edification really) which I'm beginning to forget. I just started to work at SEMCOR Inc (once a small nice company with many nice people) around 1992. I was assigned to write a image processing software to display NITF imagery. I knew nothing about image processing and display. So I was analyzing source code of ImageMagick, xv, xloadimage, xli etc. The result of my experimentation was miv. After that I actually wrote two complete image processing software as a part of my work. one was xnitfview for Office of Naval Intelligence and the other was xar for Naval Air Warfare Center. It's a very special piece of software to me. I definitely plan to release it someday :) Below is the excerpt from my old page:

Miv is a general purpose image processing software written in C, X and otif library. Miv stands for Motif Image Viewer.

Miv displays/manipulates/saves the following image formats:

  • GIF87a, GIF89a
  • TIFF
  • Truevision TARGA (TGA)
  • X Window Dump (XWD)
  • X11 Pixmaps (XPM)
  • X11 Bitmaps (XBM)
  • JPEG
  • Sun Rasterfile
  • PostScript & Encapsulated PostScript
  • Microsoft/OS2 BMP
  • PBMs


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