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URL North America Since
Thanks to Ashley M. Kirchner
Boulder, CO Mar-01-1999
Thanks to Internet/Intranet Network Solution
Alameda, CA Mar-19-1999
Thanks to Jeff Buck
Seattle, Washington May-03-1999
Thanks to Richard J. Sears
Escondido, California May-17-1999
Thanks to Allen Lans Jr.
Virgin Islands July-02-1999
Thanks to Richard Alloway
Greensburg (near Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania. July-13-1999
Thanks to Chris Ewert
Chicago, Illinois July-31-1999
Thanks to David Vondrasek
Dallas, Texas Nov-10-1999
Thanks to Jeff Eidsness
Silverdale, Wasington Feb-13-2000
Thanks to Brent Sims
Pueblo, Colorado Feb-13-2000
Thanks to Michael Fenimore
Dover, Delware Apr-23-2000
Thanks to Ryan Weaver
Houston, TX Apr-23-2000
Thanks to Jeff Hengesbach
Mt Pleasant, Michigan Jul-17-2000
Thanks to Kari Suomela
Toronto, Canada Mar-12-2001
Thanks to Austin,
New Jersey May-20-2001
Thanks to Russ Tanner
Tampa, Florida Jul-19-2001
Thanks to Chris Sweeney
OH Sep-02-2001
Thanks to Ed Truitt
Stafford, TX Jan-26-2002

URL South America Since
Thanks to Internet
Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil Oct-09-2000
Thanks to Juan Manuel Doren
Chile Jan-07-2001

URL Europe Since
Thanks to Thomas Belmer,
Amberg, Germany Mar-10-1999
Thanks to Roy Coates
Liverpool, England Mar-15-1999
Thanks to Jussi Paju
Helsinki, Finland Mar-15-1999
Thanks to Marcin Palkowski,
Bialystok, Poland Apr-05-1999
Thanks to Roux Olivier, email:
Coulommiers, France Apr-19-1999
Thanks to Mattias Pålsson,
Gothenburg, Sweden May-11-1999
Thanks to Ing. Leopold MARTINKA
Liptovsky Mikulas,Slovak republic May-19-1999
Thanks to Neil S Hamilton
Lancaster, UK May-21-1999
Thanks to Piotr Paszynski
Wroclaw, Poland Jun-18-1999
Thanks to Thorsten Neckel
Loxstedt, Germany Nov-10-1999
Thanks to Sergio Bayarri Gausi
?, Spain Nov-10-1999
Thanks to Felix Stolle
?, Germany Nov-10-1999
Thanks to :Sami Kinnunen
Vaasa, Finland Feb-13-2000
Thanks to Giuseppe Paone
Milazzo (Me), Italy Feb-13-2000
Thanks to Alexander Skwar
Wuppertal, Germany Apr-23-2000
Thanks to Vyacheslav
Moscow, Russia Apr-23-2000
Thanks to Pawel Zmyslowski
Gliwice, Poland Jul-13-2000
Thanks to Dmitry Mironov
Moscow, Russia Jul-17-2000
Thanks to Kai Weible
Goeppingen, Germany Aug-06-2000
Thanks to LuxmiNET
London, UK Sep-11-2000
Thanks to Harald Wolf
?, Austria Apr-16-2001

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Thanks to

Esztergom, Hungary May-04-2001
Thanks to Odd Bäcklund
?, Sweden Feb-08-2003
Thanks to Piotr Paszynski
Wroclaw, Poland Feb-08-2003
Thanks to Dave Low
Felixstowe, UK Feb-08-2003

URL Asia Since
Thanks to Olivier Nicole
Thailand Aug-18-1999

URL Australia Since

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