Count Release 2.5 for NT (Intel)

Last Updated: Aug-24-2001
Latest Release: Jan 11, 1999
Initial Release: Mar 10, 1996


This is the 2.5 binary release of the WWW homepage access counter for NT (Intel). Please look at the Count 2.5 main page for detail documentation and the source distribution (if you need the source for some reason). This is a port of the Unix version of the counter to Microsoft NT. I compiled it with MS Visual C++ 5.0 on a NT 4.0 (Intel) workstation. It is a Windows NT console application. Your web server must support Standard CGI (not Windows CGI).

This version has all of the features of the Unix version.

Download and Install

The binary distribution for NT is available as a self extracting executable (Count25.exe).

  • Download the self extracting binary Count25.exe
    (updated: Aug-24-2001)

  • Then run the file Count25.exe. Setup Wizard will you guide you through the installation.

    After installation, the following directories and files will be created in the cgi-bin (or whatever directory you chose during installation) directory:

    |-- CountNT.html
    |-- README
    |-- Count.exe               
    |-- extdgts.exe              
    |-- mkstrip.exe
    `-- wcount
        |-- conf
        |   `-- count.cfg
        |-- data
        |   `-- sample.dat
        |-- digits
        |   |-- A
        |   |   |-- peng.gif
        |   |   `-- strip.gif
        |   |-- B
        |   |   `-- strip.gif
        |   |-- C
        |   |   `-- strip.gif
        |   |-- D
        |   |   |-- lenna.gif
        |   |   `-- strip.gif
        |   `-- E
        |   |   `-- strip.gif
        |   `-- cd
        |   |   `-- strip.gif
        |   `-- cdr
        |       `-- strip.gif
        `-- logs

  • Before asking questions, please read the documentation in the Count 2.5 main page, especially the sections Frequently asked question, Options and Examples page.

  • Edit the file wcount\conf\count.cfg with wordpad and Save As Text Document. Note: keep the filename count.cfg, do not add an .txt extension to it. Never use notepad to edit this file. The file count.cfg is heavily commented. Please read the Configuration file section in the counter main page for details.

    Note: In the example page, the name of the counter program is Count.cgi, for NT the name will be Count.exe.

  • Official Counter Home:

    Muhammad A Muquit
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